Many factors influence crop profitability and every day farmers are watching those variables looking for ways to make changes and tweak operations to maximize yields and quality.  SensMit is a cost effective way to have real time access to soil moisture & temperature data so that you know when to take actions.

Our SensMit node is only 10cm high, solar powered and can be deployed on standard PVC pipe in minutes in your crops.  It can stay out year around and will our node range inside heavy crop canopy is 500 meters (up to 1KM in a line of sight scenario).

Once your data has been aggregated in the field, (data is encrypted as captured) its transmitted through the web to the Sensmit SAAS platform.  SensMitWeb is the home for your data.  You can access it anytime or anywhere online, or export the data via our API to any service our your choice.

What exactly is SensMit?

SensMit™ provides the only real-world solution to the problem of aggregating agricultural sensor data over widely-distributed areas. It has an ultra low-cost, battery-less, virtually 'disposable' form, and we've integrated rudimentary simple sensors. This creates the opportunity to finally gain access to real-time basic cost-effective data that informs farm management decisions, whether directly or through integration with farm management information systems. Ongoing innovation is driving new sensors, reduced manufacturing costs, and a unique implementation of LoRa™ technology, ensuring SensMit will remain the go-to solution for years to come.

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Virtually Maintenance Free

Our system is entirely solar-powered and requires minimal wiring, There’s no need to spend time inspecting power sources, replacing batteries, or fixing damaged wires.


Low Cost & Simple Setup

With a minimal capital investment, you save money from the get go. Our hardware is self-deploying - nodes actively discover each other - so it can be installed by absolutely anyone.



Actionable Data Insights

Your current and historical crop data is all stored, tracked, and accessible from anywhere at any time. All of your decisions are highly informed - whether it’s right now or years down the road.


Wireless Data Transmission

There’s no hassle of unwieldy wires limiting your setup decisions or taking up crucial space. Mesh configurations can be adjusted quickly and easily based on your changing requirements.


Who's using SensMit

This unique user-installed platform is being used for soil and environmental sensing in vineyards, farms/ranches and large seed operations by growers, crop consultants, and enterprise corporations in seven different countries on four continents. Numerous Universities and top research centres in Canada and USA use our platform to demonstrate and advance the future of precision agriculture.


In today’s world, maximizing productive output with minimal resources is key. The implementation of innovative technologies allows for growers to practice more precise field and crop management.

Cannabis Cultivation Solutions

Maintain optimal environment humidity, temperature, and soil pH, and reduce electricity usage.

Greenhouse Solutions

Ensure optimum nutrient density in growing solutions and mediums, and reduce water consumption.

Vineyards & Citrus

Keep updated on weather conditions and impending frost.

Corporate Farm

Observe soil moisture to help determine irrigating decisions.