Why we created Ventros

We want to make a difference the in the world.  Water is a critical resource. Food is a critical resource and food supplies are a challenge considering the population growth globally.

At Ventros we believe that our solution will enable farmers to use less water to grow the same crops.  And by watering optimally we believe we can increase crop yields AND quality.

Founded by lifelong engineers and entrepreneurs the founding team has a wide range of experience building and growing companies.  The core SensMit technology was created and brought to market over the last 8 years and has seen over 5000 validation deployments globally.

Our goal is to make SensMit the number one global solution to acquire, aggregate and use sensor data to help farmers make better decisions. During this initial growth phase (post validation is now complete), Ventros is focusing on the following key sectors and markets: Mid and large size commercial row & tree crop farms, vineyards, greenhouses & grow operations.


Our team

Brad Williams, CEO

Brad Williams, CEO, founder

Brad is a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of early stage companies over the last 20 years where he learned a lot about building products that were first and foremost designed to meet key pain points that customers/end users had, something that he is focused on doing with Ventros.  In between exploring the startup world, Brad has been a COO/CFO and President for more than 30 different early stage, growth and mature companies ranging from pre revenue to more than 100M in global annual revenues. In these roles Brad has raised more than $500M in capital and supported nearly 750M in exit transactions.  Brad also spends a lot of his time as a mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs and companies.


RonRon Hartman, Tech Advisor, founder

Ron is an innovative entrepreneur, engineer, and thought leader. He has spent much of his engineering career servicing and providing power for remote and off-grid communities. He has broad-based expertise in power generation, equipment specification and maintenance practices. He is an inventor/co-developer of commercialized, world-leading SensMit radio mesh technology.



paulPaul Wegenast, COO, founder

Over 25 years experience in leadership roles primarily in sales management and business development. Through his personal experience as an entrepreneur in both retail and hospitality industries Paul has honed a specialization in business and systems development most recently working with early growth companies in Vancouver and Victoria to scale for growth. His natural networking skills open strategic opportunities that are leveraged for new business, key partnerships and funding.



TerryTerry St Hillare, Tech advisor, founder

Terry worked with IBM for 25 years developing leading-edge proprietary hardware and embedded OS. A bonafide genius-level system designer and developer. Terry has expertise in electronics, radio communication, physics and astronomy, which has seen him collaborating with MIT scholars and Dr. Stephen Hawking. Along with Ron Hartman, he is an inventor/co-developer of commercialized, world-leading SensMit radio mesh technology.



BrianBrian Heighington, Director Sensmit Sales

Brian was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Graduating from the University of Alberta as a teacher in the ‘90’s he decided to take his ‘education first’ philosophy to the business world. Heighington has spent years working for fortune 500 companies in senior sales leadership roles like Xerox, Canon and Thomson Reuters before going out on his own entrepreneurially and building the Alberta business unit of Property Guys.  Over his 5 year period building Property guys, they helped market more than $62M in properties to represent.