Commercial Farming Solutions

The larger the farm is the harder it is to know what conditions the farm is experiencing. Deploying the Argo Commercial Farm System on your farm allows you to know what is happening in the far flung reaches of the farm without having to be there. Make informed decisions in real-time on when to irrigate with Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature sensors attached to the Argo system. Our basic Start Corporate Farm Package will give you enough devices to get started, but if you have a large growing area please contact us as we can custom build you a bigger system.

  • Accurately determine soil moisture and soil temperature levels in real time
  • Compare data from different growing techniques, and watering patterns
  • Quickly access data from all parts of your field to make informed decisions for each crop
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies and deficiencies in real time to act quickly and make the best decisions
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Analyze historical data to inform future growth

Commercial Farm Products