Greenhouse Cultivation Solutions

You need a system that pairs with greenhouse sensors, is easy to setup, and integrates seamlessly into new and existing growing regimes – that’s where ARGO Systems comes in. With our platform, you can access real-time information from anywhere and make optimal farm management decisions to drastically improve the growth and production of your crops.

  • Ensure optimal humidity, temperature, and soil pH in each growing room for multiple strains
  • Quickly access data from all rooms to make informed decisions for each crop
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies and deficiencies in real time to act quickly and make the best decisions
  • Reduce electricity and water consumption
  • Analyze historical data to inform future growth
  • Accurately determine water solvent nutrient and mineral levels in real time
  • Compare data from different growing techniques, substrates, nutrient solutions and formulations
  • Manage pH levels, nutrient concentrations, and electrical conductivity
  • Quickly determine and solve imbalances in counterions, the presence of water contaminants, or nutrient precipitation

Greenhouse Products