Smart Farming technologies made accessible for growers of all sizes

SensMit's smart farming technology is easy to setup and use effectively without breaking the bank.  We have integrated simple sensors to keep your capital costs low, and our IoT platform sets itself up without the need for complex wiring or configuration. 

Now even smaller farms can benefit from precision agriculture, as the cloud-based application brings you of all the key sensor data from the field so you can make decisions quickly.

How the SensMit works

1) Nodes acquire farm data

SensMit-Infographic-background (1)
You choose the locations where you want to monitor conditions in your operation and what types of sensors you need at those locations.  Each node can have up to 20 sensors attached to it.  Sensor types supported by our nodes are:

Soil data points
  • Moisture
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Water Tension
Environmental data points
  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall
Other sensors & capabilities
  • Tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Switch monitor (irrigation switches, flow meters)
  • Power & voltage

Node specs & performance

SensMit nodes are only 10 cm high and are solar powered & battery-less.  They are highly power efficient with the average node capable of operating for an entire day on less than 30 minutes of sunlight each day.

SensMit encrypts the data on the device at the time of capture and its transmitted in the network through to the cloud fully encrypted ensure your data is secure. 

2) Nodes create an ad hoc "mesh" network

SensMit-Infographic-backgroundSensMit uses unlicensed spectrum to create a dynamic network that will continuously make changes to optimize the communication between the nodes and the router.  If you remove a node for any reason (failure, new position etc), the network automatically updates how it communicates 

SensMit's wireless protocol is fully error correction compliant.  This means that your data is never removed from the node until the system confirms valid receipt of the information ensuring that data is never lost as it moves through the network and to the cloud.

Network performance

SensMit nodes can be positioned up to 1km apart in an open, line of sight scenario. In dense canopy crops like corn, SensMit is capable of ranges up to 400m.  

3) Data is aggregated by the router and sent to the cloud

SensMit-High-Res-Angle-1024x683The SensMit router is the brains of the operation.  Looking identical to a standard node, the router node makes all the processing decisions on how to structure the network, error correct the data transfers and push the data out to the internet node and the cloud.

A SensMit system requires a router node & one of our internet nodes, either a PC one that will transfer data to your PC (and from there to the cloud) or a Cell one which will use a local cell network to push the data to the cloud platform.


4) You access your information in the cloud or via API

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.58.09 PMSensMitWeb is our web based platform that allows you to access all of your information in near real time.  On our site you can see and do the following:

  • View site maps off all your nodes
  • See sensor time series charts
  • View at a glance sensor readings in near real time
  • Remote diagnostics tools for nodes